Just like we have a software requirements specifications (SRS), this is a living BRS - blog requirements specifications.

I won’t go into as much detail as a SRS. For now, I will list a bunch of features I would like in my blog (or website) and then we’ll go from there. Whenever I add a feature I will scratch out the list item - and ideally point to a post (mine or external) that talks about the process.


  1. Differentiate between different types of posts. For instance, keep the technical blog posts separate from the personal posts.
  2. Toggle dark mode. Add a toggle button instead of text link.
  3. Add a now page (refer). Inspired by Derek Sivers. Maybe also have a page that lists my current (personal) projects and what I would like to work on in the future.
    1. Get listed on nownownow.
  4. Add a tags page.
  5. Create a dark-mode for the website.
  6. Pinned Posts?
  7. Add a last modified date on top of post date.