Well to be honest, I did not know Jekyll existed. I just wanted to have a way of converting simple text or markdown files to HTML directly, so I wouldn’t have to deal with the HTML syntax. And EUREKA! I had a great idea - Why not develop some software that would take some form of rich text and convert it to HTML. And as every software project starts - with a search - I ventured out in the vast spaces of the internet to see if someone had done something similar - and low and behold - who do we have here - Jekyll!

Categories in Jekyll

This is a post under techinal/_posts folder. Jekyll automatically recognizes directory above _posts as a category. Maybe I’ll write a longer post on this in the future - once I understand Jekyll better.


  1. Simon Dosda’s tutorial was helpful to start out.
  2. When you feel lost amongst the numerous files and folders Jekyll’s documentation is a good place to start to understand all the moving parts. If I were to start over - I would start here. If nothing else, you’ll understand what this Front Matter is everyone keeps mentioning.
  3. Want to toggle dark and light mode? Head over to Derek Kedziora’s post. I like his webpage - will steal - sorry I mean - will borrow more from there in the future.
  4. What are categories? Aren’t they the same as tags? No? Huh! Well to get a better understanding head back to Jekyll’s docs. Multi-blog site? Guillermo Garron, Fie Ye
  5. Another helpful/playful resource I stumbled upon was Webjeda created by Sharath Kumar. Will be revisting often to borrow of course.
  6. A few other interesting sources that I have not really digged into. Tom Critchlow